“Pretty Little Liars” fans -- tonight is the night! The season four premiere day is finally here, and executive producer I. Marlene King has us giddy with excitement.

In an interview with TVGuide.com, King teased that season four is the “season of answers.” And this hit ABC Family series will waste no time in answering some of those questions within the first 30 seconds of the premiere, “A Is For A-l-i-v-e.”

When we previously left off on “Pretty Little Liars,” the girls drove back into Rosewood to find that Detective Wilden’s car had returned from its watery lake grave. Somehow the video in the car was still working and the gang (which now includes Mona) was able to discover that Jenna and Shana helped Wilden up after he was hit by Ashley’s car. But that wasn’t the most shocking part. The girls opened the trunk of the cop car to find … “something disturbing.” A couple months later we will finally find out what that “something disturbing” was, and judging by King’s tease about it, it’s going to be really good.

“It’s something I personally look away from every time I see that scene,” King revealed to TVGuide.com.

The contents of the trunk won’t be the only question answered this season. The “Pretty Little Liars” Twitter page explained that viewers will “find out exactly what happened to Alison the night she went missing.” (The key word being missing -- not murdered.)

The question of what happened to Alison has plagued viewers since season one. Another one of the jaw droppers from the season three finale was when Alison appeared to have dragged the girls out of the burning building. Was it a hallucination? Was it a mask? Or is she really alive?

“We address it right away but you don’t find the answer to it in the premiere,” King said of the possibility of Alison really being alive. “

Other things that fans can look forward to this season?

New Blood – Photos from the season four premiere teased the introduction of a new character named Officer Holbrook (Sean Faris). According to King, Holbrook and his partner, Tanner, are good cops … but they still have a lot to hide. Fortunately they are looking for the truth.

Toby’s Past – Season three gave us a glimpse of Toby’s earlier life behind bars when Alison was still alive. In the season four premiere viewers will see a flashback of his mom, who died when he was around 14-years-old. I. Marlene King teased to TVGuide.com that the cause of her death is not exactly what it seems … and it may have to do with “A.”

Family Matters – “A” is adding to her targets. While “A” previously manipulated the girls by using their parent’s troubles against them (i.e.: Ashley’s money problems and Byron’s affair), this time “A” will directly target the parents. “There’s one family who gets really drug through it this season,” King said.

Queen Of Hearts – The premiere will unmask the mysterious Queen of Hearts, and the executive producer believes that everyone will be shocked.

You can watch the season four premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” on Tuesday, June 11, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC Family. What questions do you want answered in the premiere? Let us know in the comments section.