Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans better buckle up, because we have a drama-filled ride ahead of us as season four continues. Descriptions for episodes four through eight have leaked online, and the liars will find themselves in even bigger trouble with “A.”

Episode Four, 'Face Time,' Tuesday

“Face Time” will find Rosewood’s population growing as two new policemen arrive to investigate Wilden’s murder. With tension high due to the investigation, more trouble will be stirring as Emily’s parents come under scrutiny due to some crafty manipulations by “A.”

Episode Five, 'Omega Sigma Die'/ 'Gamma Zeta Die,' July 9

Spencer and Emily will be visiting a local college but not for academics. Spencer will be trying to figure out a connection that Alison had to the school. Meanwhile, Aria and Mike will be at odds over what’s best for their parents -- thanks to “A.” Hanna is in a similar boat when she makes a “horrifying discovery among her mom’s things” and makes a “desperate move -- with disastrous results.”

Episode Six, 'Under The Gun,' July 16

While Hanna’s mom has looked like the guilty one in Detective Wilden’s death, Hanna will have some explaining to do when she’s found with “something she shouldn’t have.” Emily will try to help Hanna, but “A” turns the tables on her.

Mona will also be trying to “help” when she spills one of Spencer’s secrets to the rest of the group. However, Spencer will be off with Toby as the mysterious phone number they got from Alison’s bird leads them to Ravenswood.

Episode Seven, 'Crash & Burn, Girl,' July 23

Get ready for a major jaw dropper: Hanna will be occupied due to her mom’s upcoming trial. According to a synopsis posted on SpoilerTV, “Aria, Spencer and Emily band together to continue to investigate Wilden for information that could be used at Ashley’s trial.”

Episode Eight, 'The Guilty Girl’s Handbook,' July 30

July will come to a close with Hanna and Mona forming “an unexpected alliance to protect Ashley.”

This July, “Pretty Little Liars” viewers will also be in for a treat when Rumer Willis guest stars as a character named Zoe. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Zoe is the organizer of a worldwide charity and the type of person who “will change the world and keep her sense of humor at the same time.” The exact episode she will appear in is currently unknown.

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