It’s Tuesday … which means a brand new “Pretty Little Liars.” The ABC Family series aired its special black and white episode, “Shadow Play,” and while all the drama may have been in Spencer’s head, it still ended with big news.

Episode 19 kicked off with Aria on her way back from the cabin with Ezra. And while Aria is enjoying time with her beau, her friends believe that she’s out of town with her dad.

With Aria gone, Spencer leads Hanna and Emily into Ezra’s classroom to do some snooping – where they uncover Alison’s stolen journal. Stealing it back, the girls leave just in time to spy Mona heading into Ezra’s classroom. But Mona wasn’t looking for Ali’s journal. Instead she leaves with a stack of papers.

Taking the journal back to Spencer’s house, Emily reveals that she’s suspicious at how easy finding the journal was. But Spencer’s bent on getting evidence against Ezra. When the girls leave, Spencer turns to her pills for help … which is when her world spirals out of control into a black and white 1940s film noir.

In her hallucination the girls are doing everything they can to find evidence that Ezra is A, but they run into different obstacles – like Mona. But is Mona truly working alongside A again? Or is Spencer’s mind going into overdrive?

Meanwhile, Alison makes an appearance when she mysteriously shows up at Spencer’s house. “Why didn’t you tell us about Mr. Fitz?” Spencer asks her old friend. But Alison doesn’t say a word on the matter. Instead she tells Spencer that she has all the pieces to the puzzle and doesn’t understand why she can’t put them all together.

As Spencer tries to figure out what Alison means, Ezra tries to cause problems in her relationship with Toby. He tells Toby that Alison is alive … and that Spencer knows where to find her. Toby confronts his girlfriend about Ezra’s reveal, but Spencer’s not ready to let him in on her secret.

And while Spencer might not be telling secrets, Aria’s ready to spill hers. After hiding her relationship with Ezra, Aria finally reveals that she’s back together with him.

“It’s been sexy and dangerous and awful and wonderful,” she says of her romance. “It was perfect.” With the key word being “was,” Aria continues that she thinks “the story is changing.”

Spencer and Aria are interrupted when Hanna shows up to tell them that she found where Alison’s been hiding. Turns out that she’s been in plain sight working at a club. Heading there immediately, the girls are surprised when Alison is less than welcoming. But Spencer is on to her.

“You’re setting us up for something,” she tells Alison. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s a setup.”

As things become tense between the old friends, a gunshot sends them all running. When Ezra calls out for Aria, the girls become even more frightened – but no one has the heart to tell Aria that Ezra is A.

“It’s safe,” Ezra calls. “You can come out now. I’ll take care of you … I don’t know if they told you about me, but it's not true. I’ll keep you safe, Aria. I promise. I love you. No one has ever loved you the way I do.”

Aria’s ready to go to Ezra, but Spencer stops her. “You can’t trust him,” she tells her. But without a reason given by Spencer, Aria decides to go to Ezra.

Slowly walking towards him, Aria’s shocked to discover that it’s actually Toby. Spencer’s boyfriend caught onto Ezra and knocked him out to rescue the girls. The girls run off with Toby, but Alison disappeared in the shuffle. And while everyone is grateful that Toby showed up, Aria is still confused as to why he hit Ezra – and no one will tell her why.

With Alison’s journal back in Spencer’s hands, Toby gives her a helpful clue – don’t look at the book, look at the pages.

“It’s the same thing,” she tells Toby. But he insists that it’s not.

Spencer snaps out of her black and white 1940s film noir dream and takes a closer look at her journal. Getting back together with Emily and Hanna, Spencer reveals that they were supposed to find the journal and that it’s a Trojan horse. A had changed important words in Alison’s notebook – something that Spencer wouldn’t have caught onto if she hadn’t taken photos of Alison’s journal before it was stolen.

With the changed journal the incriminating evidence they need against Ezra, the girls try getting hold of Aria again. When she doesn’t answer they decide to go to her home – where they spy her making out with Ezra through the window.

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