“Ravenswood” just aired its winter season 1 finale, but leave it to the beloved ABC Family show to keep fans on the edge of their seats with a teasing trailer hinting of what’s to come when series returns.

According to the 10-second trailer, “Ravenswood” will be back on ABC Family before you know it! “The story goes deeper than they ever dreamed,” the promo says along with images from the next chapter of the “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff.

From what we’ve seen since the beginning of “Ravenswood,” we know dreams play a large role in the plot. From Remy’s night-walking visions to apparitions that can show scenes from the past, we can conclude that dreams will play a vital role when “Ravenswood” returns with its season 1, episode 11.

The most exciting part of the show's return? It’s that it’ll be back before you know it, at least according to the trailer.

What can we expect from “Ravenswood” when it makes its spooky return? We still have a few questions lingering from last night’s winter finale:

-       How will the curse be solved?

-       Will the “old Caleb” help end “The Pact” after Mr. Collins released him?

-       Will Miranda and “old Caleb” start a relationship?

-       Can Miranda finally move on now that she’s gotten closure from her uncle?

-       Will the town of “Ravenswood” learn the truth about their mayor’s death?

We can’t wait to see what happens when “Ravenswood” returns!

When the series premiered on Oct. 22, it became ABC Family's best-rated series premiere ever, thanks to women ages 18-34. It also was dubbed cable TV’s biggest drama debut in the demo in “nearly three years” and “amassed the most tweets of any new TV series premiere this season,” reaching more than 3 million people and generating more than 16 million reactions.

And oh, did an impression it leave! Are you excited for “Ravenswood” to return? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below.