“Pretty Little Liars” fans have been dying to know the person behind “Red Coat” for the past four seasons – and the identity was finally revealed during the summer season 4 finale. So, what happened in episode 12, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t?” We’ve wrapped up the five most jaw-dropping moments from the evening.

Hanna’s mom had the charges dropped against her thanks to the information Travis shared with the police. But “A” warned the Liars via the magic eightball that “If she goes free you’ll hear from me.” With “World War A” declared, that’s not the only threat that Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer received. The girls received another package – this time not as innocent as a magic eightballs. Upon opening the package they discover a children’s coffin with a doll of Mona inside. A text sent to them after warns them that they need to get to Mona before the cops do … or they’ll think that they killed her.

#1 – CeCe’s On The Radar – After Ashley had the charges dropped, the police released a sketch of their new suspect … and it looks exactly like CeCe. While they initially couldn’t identify the new suspect in Wilden’s homicide, the police later named her and revealed that they want her for questioning in the cop’s death.

#2 – Shauna’s Usual Sketchiness – Shauna seems to be involved in everything sketchy. When Spencer visits Wren’s apartment, Wren is nowhere to be found … but Shauna is lurking inside. Although Spencer doesn’t see her, Toby catches up with her later as she leaves the coffee shop. But while Shauna walked out, she accidentally left some papers behind – and the papers reveal that Wren is moving back in with Spencer’s sister, Melissa.

#3 – A Trip To Ravenswood – The girls receive a third package from “A,” and this time it’s a magic trick. When Spencer figures out the trick, it exposes a saw with the words, “Watch me make a girl disappear.” Heading to Ravenswood for a magic show with Charlemagne, the magician picks Aria out of the crowd for a disappearing trick … but it's not Aria who goes missing. The girls receive a text that reveals that while Spencer and Hanna were busy watching Aria … “A” stole Emily.

#4 – Who Is “Red Coat?” – Turns out that Emily is locked in a box with a saw inching toward her. The girls see “Red Coat” on the run and follow her to the mill, where they find Emily. But Hanna, Spencer and Aria are shocked to discover that there is not one “Red Coat” … but two.

One "Red Coat" hits the button to stop the saw and runs off. Spencer runs after her while Aria runs after the second “Red Coat.” Spencer’s “Red Coat” takes her to a building while Aria is able to corner her “Red Coat” on the top level of the mill. Using martial arts that she learned from Jake, Aria is able to fight back against “Red Coat” and discovers that it’s CeCe. Their fight turns dangerous when CeCe jumps onto a rope to escape … but the rope snaps. While Aria makes an attempt to hold onto her, she eventually loses her grip, causing CeCe to drop painfully to the ground.

The girls think CeCe is dead, but when they turn their backs she’s gone. (“That b*tch has nine lives,” says Hanna.) Meanwhile, Spencer comes back to the mill to tell the others that she thinks her “Red Coat” is Alison. Bringing them to the building that she was brought to, they discover “A’s” true lair.

Inside the lair is a timeline of all the girls along with a complex computer system … which is how “A” has been monitoring all their actions. Along with the computer system they also uncover information that “A” started a corporation, and men's jackets, leading them to believe that “A” is actually a man.

#5 – What Happened To Alison The Night She “Died?” – Leaving “A’s” lair, the girls head to a town party where they believe Alison will be. But upon stepping outside their stopped by Mrs. Grunwald. Initially telling the girls that it’s invite-only, she reveals the real reason that she doesn’t want them to go – it’s too dangerous for them to “go chasing after her.”

Realizing that Mrs. Grunwald is talking about Alison, the former house mother tells the girls the full story about Alison. Turns out that it was her that Alison was calling that summer that she disappeared. “She was afraid,” Mrs. Grunwald dishes. “And she was right to be.”

Explaining that she has the gift of insight, Mrs. Grunwald explained that she was using her gift to help Alison see who was threatening her. “The night she went missing I felt something terrible,” she continued. “I drove to Rosewood and I walked into her backyard … and she was reaching for life.”

Mrs. Grunwald had pulled Alison out of the ground and drove her to the hospital that night. But when she left to go get help, Alison disappeared. Mrs. Grunwald said she hasn’t seen Alison since that night, and that Alison won’t turn up until she finds out whom she can trust.

Hanna tells her that Alison can trust them, but Mrs. Grunwald tells them that she shouldn’t be so sure.  “You’re being watched,” she concluded, begging the girls to leave. “He’s hoping you’ll lead him to Alison. He’s here.”

Episode 12 of “Pretty Little Liars” ended with Caleb hopping on a bus to Ravenswood and the girls ignoring Mrs. Grunwald’s advice. While they hopped into a costume store, “A” returned to his lair … and was revealed to be EZRA!

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