Liars, explosions and sexy hookups … oh my! Episode 6 of “Pretty Little Liars” aired on ABC Family on Tuesday, and picked up right after the horrifying explosion that took place in the final moments of the 100th episode. Check out the top 14 jaw-dropping moments from “Run, Ali, Run”:

“A” Is Back

Prepare to be haunted by text messages again. Following the explosion, the girls received a text from their old nemesis: “Did you miss me, bitches? – A.” Before they could fully process the thought of “A” returning, another explosion rocked the neighborhood – fully destroying Toby’s home. Fortunately no one was inside, but the explosion put the Liars on high alert again.

Thinking back to their confrontation with Shana in New York, they realized that Shana never actually admitted to being “A.” As Spencer put it, “A” was simply taking a nap. But why is their tormentor resurfacing now? That’s the question they want to get to the bottom of.

The Connection Between Bethany and Mrs. DiLaurentis

The good news is that they may have a clue to identifying the masked culprit. Since the body in Alison’s grave was identified as Bethany Young, a runaway from Radley, they decided that there might be a link between her and Mrs. DiLaurentis, who was a board member at the institution.

Spencer went back to Radley to ask Eddie, a Radley employee, some questions about Bethany. But due to confidentiality rules, Eddie was unable to help and say anything about Bethany as a patient. Spencer left empty-handed – except with the knowledge that Lt. Tanner is seeking answers from Radley as well.

Mrs. DiLaurentis’s Killer

Spencer was certain that her father was responsible for killing Mrs. DiLaurentis, but Alison received a video that proved Spencer wrong.

“I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you,” read the text that accompanied a video of Mrs. DiLaurentis’s body.

Horrified by the video, Alison decided that she wasn’t going to stick around to find out what “A” wanted from her.

Hanna and Alison’s Plan

The girls made Alison promise not to leave, but Hanna had a change of heart after hearing Alison make plans on the phone with Noel. Hanna agreed to help Alison leave town, and told her friend that it was in order to keep her safe. In reality, however, Hanna just doesn’t want to be around Alison anymore. Before Hanna could drop Alison off at the train station, Emily swung by and caught onto her plan and put an end to it.

Lt. Tanner Is Suspicious

Tanner is on the hunt for information. After her trip to Radley, she visited Ezra at his apartment – while he was going over Radley files with Aria. Aria managed to hide in time, and eavesdropped while Tanner questioned him about Shana and handed over an envelope that was left at his door.

Ezra managed to fend off the questions, but the lieutenant was still suspicious – especially since she noticed Aria’s belongings on the table. After she left, Aria convinced Ezra that they had to hide the boxes from Radley. But they got distracted when they opened up the mysterious envelope.

Inside the envelope was a picture drawn by Bethany Young. The picture seemed to depict Mrs. DiLaurentis with her rose garden … and a monster hovering over her. Curious as to who left the photo at his door, Ezra looked through the security footage and discovered that it was Eddie from Radley.

Paige, the Rat

Emily wanted answers about “A” and the explosion and went straight to Paige. Since Paige was invited to join Mona’s anti-Alison army, Emily demanded a list of names. And while Paige wouldn’t bite at first, Emily convinced her to fess up.

Paige confessed that Lucas and Melissa are working alongside Mona, and Emily relayed the news to the others. But unfortunately for Paige, talking came with consequences – she opened up her gym locker to find a dead rat inside.

“A” Attacks

Alison returned to her house to say goodbye to her father and grab a couple of items. But when she went inside she discovered that he was out of the house for the night. But that didn’t mean that the house was empty – “A” was lurking in the shadows.

“A” struck Alison from behind with a fire poker before taking her scarf and strangling her with it. Alison was close to passing out when Emily walked in and attacked “A.” But before Emily could unmask their torturer, “A” managed to throw Emily off and escape.

Alison tried to convince the girls that this is the reason she needs to leave town. However “A” sent her one last warning: “See how easy it is for me to kill you? If you leave Rosewood I would – A.”


The girls are more determined than ever after “A’s” latest attack. Convinced that there is a connection between Bethany and Mrs. DiLaurentis, they hatch a plan to get inside Radley. No, the plan did not involve Spencer committing herself … instead Aria applied to work as a volunteer at the institution.

Lt. Tanner’s Catching On

The Rosewood cops may have chocked up the explosion to a gas leak, but Tanner knows that something fishy is going on in town. After speaking with Ezra, she paid a visit to Alison’s house. She asked the “kidnapped” teen to go to the police station later that day with her father to answer some questions about her childhood friend – Shana.

Alison agreed, and received another text from “A” when Tanner left: “Time for the caged bird to sing – A.”

The Black Widow Returns

The Black Widow returned to “Pretty Little Liars” in episode 6. While she only appeared for a brief moment, she wrote a note to the parents of Bethany stating: “My deepest condolences."

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