Ready to meet Charles DiLaurentis? The mysterious twin brother of Jason (Drew Van Acker) was only recently revealed, but fans of “Pretty Little Liars” are prepared to come face-to-face with the newest member of Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) family. Unfortunately not everyone is ready to see the spooky character in Episode 6 concluded with Kenneth (Jim Abele) digging up Charles’ grave, and it seems safe to assume that he found nothing inside – because he made Alison leave Rosewood in the middle of the night.

The Liars are trying to get in touch with Alison, but she’s not picking up the phone. They want to warn her that Charles is alive, and that Lesli (Elizabeth McLaughlin) is willing to talk to them about the night he escaped Radley. However, Lesli is a no show when they arrive at Mona’s (Janel Parrish) house. She claims that she’s afraid of a set back, and Mona defends her friend. “She’s one lost marble away from a major breakdown,” Mona warns the others.

Meanwhile, Jason finds another note from Charles when Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey) pays a visit looking for Alison. The new note is an invitation and comes with a red balloon and a leapfrog toy. “Come alone or not at all,” it reads. And Jason plans on taking that note seriously. Alison finally gets in touch with Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and reveals that Jason refused to leave the house with her and her dad– he wants to see Charles.

Alison wants to return to Rosewood and warn everyone about Charles, but her dad tells her that they need to stay put. He needs a day to think things through and figure out the situation. The issue is that he’s lied for so many years about Charles, and only recently found out that his secret son was really alive. But Alison’s not interested in playing the waiting game. She slips her dad sleeping pills and takes off.

Back in Rosewood, the girls hatch a plan to remove their tracking devices to throw off Charles. They want to follow him, but Spencer realizes that they can’t do this on their own. She loops Toby (Keegan Allen) in on their plan, but Toby doesn’t want to play by her rules. He tells her that he’s willing to keep the “Charles DiLaurentis” reveal a secret from Lt. Tanner (Roma Maffia), however he’s going after Charles alone. Spencer agrees, and Toby leaves the house … but not before stealing a bag of gummy bears from Spencer. While that might not seem like a big deal, it is considering that the gummy bears are laced with weed.

Toby doesn’t go alone like he told Spencer. Instead he brings along Lorenzo – and it was a good thing he did. The two Rosewood cops follow Jason to an abandoned arcade right outside of Rosewood. Jason’s about to come face-to-face with Charles when Toby and Lorenzo bust into the building. They shout for Charles to freeze, but he throws them off by flipping on the lights and tossing something to block them. Spencer and the others race in just in time to see Toby on the ground. He’s tripping because of the all the pot gummy bears he ate. Charles manages to escape out the back door … just as more Rosewood police race into the building. Alison had called Mona to help her get back into town. Her first order of business was calling 911 and telling them all about Charles and his planned meet up.

The botched take down of Charles gets all the Liars and Toby in trouble. However the episode ends with a big reveal. Alison and Jason arrive home to find a home video playing in the attic. They realize that the footage is from a “second cousin’s” birthday party that their mom told them was a secret. In the video the two are playing with a kid named Freddy – but Freddy is really Charles. He asks his mom when he has to go back (presumably to Radley), and Mrs. DiLaurentis promises him not for awhile. Accompanying the video is a note from Charles – “I wAnted to trust you.”

The final moments of episode 7 expose a birthday gift for Charles. The note attached says that it’s from a “friend and ally.” When he rips it open he finds a photo of him, Jason and Alison from his birthday party.

Other Major Moments From Episode 7:

  • Hanna receives a scholarship thanks to her mom applying for every scholarship possible while Hanna was kidnapped. She ends up receiving a $30,000 scholarship from the Carissimmi group … the same group that helped shut down Radley Sanitarium. As if that wasn’t suspicious enough, Hanna’s mom reveals that Jason suggested she apply for the scholarship.
  • Sara’s old friend resurfaces – and Emily’s not happy about it. She goes out with the two girls, who have a good time catching up. However, Emily’s jealous of their friendship. When Sara’s friend offers to have her stay at her house, Emily shoots her down. Sara accepts the offer, and for a good reason – if she’s out of the house then her and Emily can actually go on a date.
  • Mona was dodging Mike after returning from the dollhouse. Mike finally went to Mona’s house to see her and the two patched things up.
  • Hanna tells her mom that she has a bad feeling about the scholarship money and doesn't want to take it. But Hanna's mom breaks the news to her -- she already cashed it.