Prince Andrew may never return to his public life again after stepping down from his royal duties.

For months, the Duke of York has been plagued with several controversies due to his connections with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. A few weeks ago, Prince Andrew addressed the issue in a car crash interview. However, it only backfired since many believed it would have been better if he kept his silence.

Days after his disastrous Newsnight interview, Prince Andrew announced that he would be stepping down from his royal duties. According to an insider, it is unlikely that the duke will return to public life again after all that had happened.

“Prince Andrew has been given the worst-case scenario for him and his involvement with the family – that he may never be able to return to the front line of duty,” a royal source told The Sun.

“The Duke of York suggested he will take a back step from public life for the foreseeable future but the reality is he has been told it could be for a very, very long time, potentially for ever.”

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria is reportedly considering to write a tell-all book. An insider said that Lady Victoria had an explosive life. She has a lot to reveal about the royal family, members of the high society and big-named stars. She has done many interviews but she has always kept things under the belt, but she feels that it’s about time to unveil all the things she has been hiding.

“She feels like now is the right time to get some things off her chest - including about Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. She’d been a part of that social scene for many years. Victoria has so many untold stories about celebrities too - she’s never gone into detail about her threesome with Mel B and Stephen Belafonte. She has had a lucrative offer to write a book and she’s definitely considering it,” the source said.

Prince Andrew’s Epstein scandal has reportedly given Prince Charles an opportunity to step in. The Prince of Wales was reportedly part of those who decided that the Duke of York should step down from his royal duties. Prince William also reportedly agreed that it was the right thing to do to his uncle.