Prince Charles has been accused of abusing his royal power several times.

In the book “Prince Charles Biography: The Life of the Prince of Wales and Future King of England,” author Jessica Jayne said that Prince Charles is known for courageously talking about controversial matters even to the point of being ridiculed. A lot of people have questioned his ideas, which were also considered an abuse of his power.

Years ago, the Prince of Wales gave a speech at the Royal Institute of British Architects and proposed the extension of the National Gallery in London. The future king also published a book and created a documentary titled “A Vision of Britain.” His efforts were criticized, but he continued to promote his views.

Prince Charles also stressed the traditional urbanism and the restoration of historical buildings are an integrated element of new development and sustainable design. He also proceeded with the creation of the village of Poundbury, which was master-planned by Leon Krier.

His views on architecture also attracted controversy because he opposed architectural styles like modernism and functionalism. According to Jayne, in 2009, Richard Rogers, who was awarded the architectural Pritzker Prize and Stirling Prize, said that Prince Charles’ invention in architectural projects was an abuse of power and unconstitutional.

Rogers’ comments came one week after he was sacked from a multibillion-pound project in London after Prince Charles criticized his designs.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles’ views on medicine were also questioned. In 1982, the Duke of Cornwall said that British doctors should not only treat the human body but also the human soul. Even though some people thought that alternative therapies won’t do any harm, a certain Professor Baum was quoted in Jayne’s book as saying that it could risk patients’ lives.

“They can allow patients to die by denying them proven therapies which we know would cure,” Jayne said.

In November, anti-monarchy campaigners Republic slammed Prince Charles for saying that he won’t meddle with politics and other issues when he becomes king. They said that the future king has already said too much throughout the past couple of years.