Prince Charles
Prince Charles was recently accused of racism. Pictured: Prince Charles gives a speech at the formal opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in the ballroom at Buckingham Palace on Apr. 19, 2018, in London, England. Getty Images/Yui Mok - WPA Pool

Prince Charles was recently accused of racism by Anita Sethi, a journalist from Manchester.

On Thursday, Sethi had the opportunity to meet Prince Charles at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London. During their conversation, the prince asked Sethi where she is from, and she told him that she is from Manchester. After hearing this, Prince Charles said that the journalist doesn’t look like she is from Manchester.

Following her encounter with Prince Charles, Sethi questioned whether or not he deserves to be named the next Head of the Commonwealth. The dad of two was endorsed by Queen Elizabeth II at the same gathering.

“This is exactly why some people, including the prince, urgently need a history lesson about immigration, the British Empire, the Commonwealth, and colonialism. Because I do look like I’m from Manchester, actually – a city in which many people of color have been born and bred,” Sethi said (via Express).

The journalist also revealed that she was never taught about the Commonwealth in school, and this makes her believe that it is not very important.

“If such vital knowledge was more ingrained there would not be so much racism and ignorance. The mooted next leader of the organization that represents one-third of the people on the planet commented that, I, a brown woman, did not look as if I was from a city in the UK is shocking. Whatever the prince meant or didn’t mean in our fleeting encounter, since it happened I have been through all the feelings – from shock to humiliation to rage,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sethi’s recent statements may have fallen on deaf ears. On Friday, CNN reported that Prince Charles has already been named as the new Head of the Commonwealth.

On Friday, the Commonwealth leaders retreated at Windsor Castle for a serious discussion. A statement was released a few hours later.

“We recognize the role of the Queen in championing the Commonwealth and its peoples. The next head of the Commonwealth shall be His Royal Highness Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales,” they said.