Princess Diana, Prince Charles Royal Wedding
Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a very tiring wedding, says one of their bridesmaids. Pictured: Royal Family and wedding entourage on July 29, 1981. Getty Images/ OFF/AFP

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ youngest bridesmaid, Clementine Hambro, recently recounted what it was like to be at the couple’s royal wedding in 1981.

At that time, Hambro was just 5 years old when she was asked to be part of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding entourage.

During an interview, she told “Today,” “I really remember being very tired. I remember being quite excited. I remember being very proud to be involved. But actually, I had very little idea of all this sort of situation that was going on.”

Hambro was Princess Diana’s kindergarten student. She made headlines at that time after she tripped and fell at the royal wedding reception. Princess Diana immediately picked her up and asked if she was doing well. Hambro told her former teacher that she bumped her head.

The bridesmaid’s interview actually took place in 2011, but Today recently republished it in preparation for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s May 19 wedding. The couple will tie the knot at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. As of late, Prince Harry and Markle have not yet announced who will be part of their entourage.

Hambro’s interview was also released ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials. Still talking about the wedding, Hambro said that she never discussed her role at that time to anyone.

“My mother, funny enough, said to be after the day was over, she said, ‘Now, listen, you’ve had a wonderful day, and it’s very special, and it’s one you must remember everything. But I don’t think you should talk about it anymore. So it was like OK. And so I didn’t. And we did obviously talk about it – I think she meant just don’t brag,” she explained.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding also made headlines after multiple publications talked about the mistake they made while exchanging their vows. BBC said that Princess Diana called Prince Charles as Philip Charles Arthur George rather than Charles Philip.

The publications are quite concerned over the possibility that Markle and Prince Harry will commit a similar mistake.