• Prince Charles and Kate Middleton's parents allegedly fought over the royal grandchildren
  • The Prince of Wales reportedly ordered the royal aides to ignore Carole
  • The heir apparent felt that the Middletons were getting more than their fair share of time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince Charles and Kate Middleton's parents were reportedly embroiled in a “royal battle” over their grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

There was a time when the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship was reportedly not as good as the former’s connection with Meghan Markle. According to several sources, it was due to Middleton’s parents.

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl wrote an article for Daily Mail in 2016 detailing the alleged feud between Middleton’s father-in-law and her parents Carole and Michael Middleton. The biographer acknowledged the speculations circulating among the courtiers when the Middletons missed an event that Prince Charles hosted for Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Birkhall at the time. There were rumors that the heir apparent intentionally didn’t invite Carole and Michael.

“For what is undoubtedly true is that Prince Charles believes he has been edged out by Carole in the battle for the affections of their two grandchildren – Prince George, three, and one-year-old Princess Charlotte,” Nicholl wrote.

An insider told Nicholl that the Prince of Wales felt that the Middletons got more than their fair share of time when it came to Prince William and Middleton’s children.

“In comparison, he sees them very little and he bears a bit of a grudge about that,” a source said.

The courtiers also felt that Carole exuded a “grandiose presence” around her grandchildren in Kensington Palace. Prince Charles felt that they didn’t let him see his grandson.

Prince Charles reportedly wanted the Cambridges’ kids to come to Scotland to learn how to shoot, hunt and fish. The future king wanted them to do more traditional activities in Scotland during the holidays.

When Prince George turned 3 years old, it was Middleton’s mom, Carole, who organized a birthday party for him. Prince Charles and Camilla were invited, but it was very much on the Middletons’ terms, which upset the heir apparent.

“Charles feels rather left out. He gets very little time with his grandchildren and I know he gets upset about it because he has said so,” Prince Charles’ friend told Nicholl back then.

“He certainly feels William spends more time with the Middletons than he does with his own family.”

Another insider said that Prince Charles would never say anything that would upset Prince William. However, he wanted to make sure that the Middletons were at arm’s length. Nicholl concluded that it could be the reason why the Middletons eventually dropped out of public view.

Tom Bower also wrote about Prince Charles and Carole’s alleged feud in his book “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles.” The author claimed that at one point, Prince Charles ordered the royal aides to “ignore” Carole, and it infuriated Prince William when the latter learned about it.

Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince William during a visit to Dumfries House on March 5, 2013 in Ayrshire, Scotland. Getty Images/Danny Lawson