Prince Charles
Will Prince Charles be appointed as the new Head of the Commonwealth on Friday? Pictured: Prince Charles visits the Larrakeyah Defence Precinct on Apr. 10, 2018 in Darwin, Australia. Getty Images/Mick Tsikas - Pool

Prince Charles recently charmed the delegates of the Commonwealth during a lunch gathering that celebrates the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)

During the event, Prince Charles shared some anecdotes about his time visiting most of the 53 countries that are part of the Commonwealth. He also talked about climate change, among many other things.

In one of his discussions with the delegates, Prince Charles talked about his time in Uganda.

“I have really happy memories of the Uganda CHOGM all those years ago,” he said (via The Telegraph).

Prince Charles involvement at the CHOGM is being linked to the possibility that he will become appointed as the next head of the Commonwealth. Lord Marland, a British businessman and Conservative politician leading the Commonwealth Business Forum, expressed his support to Prince Charles.

“He has been a great supporter of ours. People don’t realize how lucky we are to have this royal family. The great this is they are removed from politics. For an organization like this to have a non-politician as its head is something great, I believe,” Marland said.

Multiple sources confirmed that the members of the Commonwealth will attend a private retreat in Windsor on Friday. This is where they will appoint a new head of the Commonwealth. Currently, Queen Elizabeth II serves as the monarch, but she will soon be turning 92 years old and will need a replacement.

A spokesperson for Theresa May also confirmed the news.

“This is obviously a decision that is taken later in the week, a decision taken by all the members together. I think that all happens on Friday,” May’s spokesperson said (via Express).

However, Prince Charles is not guaranteed to be the new Head of the Commonwealth. On the Commonwealth Secretariat website, it has been stated, “When the Queen dies or if she abdicates, her heir will not automatically become Head of the Commonwealth. It will be up to the Commonwealth heads of government to decide what they want to do about this symbolic role.”