Prince Charles
Prince Charles efforts to help save the environment were compared with Adolf Hitler's ways. Pictured: Prince Charles Comp Save to Board The Prince Of Wales Attends Consecration Service LEEDS, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 22: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attends Consecration Service at Bramham Park on September 22, 2018 in Leeds, England. Getty Images/Richard Martin-Roberts

Prince Charles was recently mocked by Michael Gove, a British politician of the Conservative Party, of his environmental efforts.

In “A Stab In the Dark,” Gove claimed that the future king plagiarized his ideas from another 20th-century environmentalist. He also went as far as comparing Prince Charles to Adolf Hitler.

“Last week, Charles was telling us to ration water, and on Wednesday he insisted that we should inhabit small self-contained communities with every immunity close to hand, like Buckingham Palace. Yesterday, he was in Bath arguing that we should all live in homes designed on classical principles, like Buckingham Palace,” he said (via Express).

“It is easy to dismiss Charles’ ramblings as sentimental environmentalism, but he is not without power. Because he doesn’t have to grub for office like our elected representatives, his ideas are received uncritically… This man, echoed Charles on the environment when he said, ‘We must respect our landscape, every inch of it is densely layered with our history,” he continued.

Glove claimed that it was Hitler’s ideas that Prince Charles plagiarized.

“So, who was this green visionary?... Like Charles, a fan of classical architecture. Like Charles, a hater of metropolitan life and a lover of the countryside. Like Charles, a believer in green belts, or as he called it Lebensraum. And like Charles a keen supporter of population control. Charles through contraception, Adolf through examination, and of course they are both German,” Gove said.

As of late, Prince Charles has not fired back at Gove over his recent comments. But the future king is known for his passion for the environment. Earlier this year, he opened up about the nightmare of plastics occupying huge areas of oceans. He said that the problem will only get worse if people won’t act on it now.

Prince Charles, who has also been a long campaigner on rainforests, said that the ocean is now a twin passion for him. At the recent Our Ocean conference, the EU announced plans to devote $720 million to protect the health of the ocean.

“The sea is a global common. We all have a responsibility to preserve it as a treasure and avoid that it turns into a threat,” Federica Mogherini, EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy told Guardian.