Prince Charles
Prince Charles gave a hilarious response when asked about improving his royal image. Pictured: Prince Charles makes a surprise visit to the Christmas tea dance at Dumfries House on Dec. 20, 2018 in Cumnock, Scotland. Getty Images/Jane Barlow

Prince Charles gave a hilarious response when asked about improving his royal image.

The Prince of Wales is one of the most flamboyant royals. Prince Charles has imitated King Edward VIII’s achievements as an industrious and vivacious heir. The heir’s plan to reform the monarchy was even compared to the late royal’s desire to make major changes in the system when he was still alive. However, the Duke of Cornwall lacked the king’s colorful traits when it comes to dressing, smoking, drinking and partying.

According to Anthony Holden in his book “Charles, Prince of Wales,” Prince Charles was asked about his differences from King Edward VIII. The heir wasn’t bothered about the people’s opinions about him.

Prince Charles said that if the people would think of him square, he would be happy about it. He also gave an unexpected but hilarious response when asked if he would concentrate on improving his royal image.

“As if I was some kind of washing powder, presumably with special blue whitner,” Prince Charles said.

“I dare say that I could improve it by growing my hair to a more fashionable length, being seen at the Playboy Club and squeezing myself into excruciatingly tight clothes,” the future king added. “But I intend to go on being myself to the best of my ability.”

In 1979, the Prince of Wales admitted that his views were old-fashioned and out of date but that didn’t worry him. The royal also shared his views about fashion.

For Prince Charles, fashion is transitory and he pointed out how old fashion at length becomes the new fashion. Prince Charles has since become the leader of sartorial fashion. Some consider him better-dressed than his sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to Simon Mills of Esquire, the Prince of Wales stays true to the traditional tailoring and cavalry-cut trousers. He also maintains clothes that never go out of style because his clothing was never really in fashion in the first place.

Jeremy Hackett also commended Prince Charles’s fashion. He noted how the future king doesn’t follow fashion but still manages to look so stylish.

Prince Charles was among GQ’s 50 best-dressed men of 2018. The senior royal made it to the 20th spot. However, he wasn’t on the 2019 list, but his son, Prince William made it to the 48th spot.