Prince Charles once made a huge decision that caused him to worry. In 2008, the future king was affected by the bank crisis that led the United Kingdom into a massive recession.

But just before Britain’s economy toppled down, Prince Charles purchased Dumfries House, and this cost him a huge sum of money. While speaking in the ITV documentary “The Royal Restoration,” the interviewer talked about Prince Charles’ £20 million loan.

Initially, Prince Charles decided to purchase Dumfries House so that he could build a housing development on Knockroom. The sales from the housing development will be used to pay back the loan within five years.

But the dad of two suddenly became worried that he wouldn’t be able to live up to the terms of the agreement because of the recession.

“Oh, a huge worry. You know, you wake up in the middle of the night thinking ‘help!’” he said.

“Because the difficulty was, having done the deal, then a year later the bottom fell out of the whole market didn’t it? So that made it very interesting because of course overnight the value of everything went right down,” Prince Charles added.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles has been dubbed as an emotional prince so this isn’t the only time that he expressed his worry over something that he deemed important. Years ago, the heir to the throne also became worried because of Prince Harry’s bad-boy behavior.

In the book “Harry: Life, Loss, and Love,” royal author Katie Nicholl said that it was Prince Charles who was most worried about the Duke of Sussex’s poor academic performance. At that time, Meghan Markle’s husband was studying at Eton with his older brother, Prince William.

“Being at Eton was not as easy a ride for Harry as it was for William, and he has since revealed: ‘I didn’t enjoy school at all. I wanted to be a bad boy.’ He found the academic work a struggle,” Nicholl said.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles waves as he attends the Royal Cornwall Show on June 7, 2018 in Wadebridge, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Time Rooke