Prince Charles, Princess Diana
Prince Charles did something to Princess Diana that made her feel dead inside. Pictured: Prince Charles, Princess Diana tand 03 November at the memorial to the British Gloster Regiment, who fought with distinction in 1951 during the Korean War, outside Seoul. Getty Images/EPA/AFP

Prince Charles reportedly did something cruel to Princess Diana that made the late princess feel that something inside of her died many years ago.

In the book “William and Harry,” royal expert Katie Nicholl claimed that Prince Charles snubbed newborn Prince Harry and Princess Diana after she gave birth to their second child.

“Diana was devastated when upon returning home to Kensington Palace, Charles sped off in his Aston Martin to play polo in Windsor Great Park,” Nicholl said.

Prince Charles also reportedly made an offensive comment about Prince Harry’s appearance that crushed the Princess of Wales down to her core. Following the back to back incidents, Princess Diana declared that something inside of her died.

Prior to Prince Harry’s birth, Princess Diana secretly hoped that her second child would be the glue that would repair her marriage to Prince Charles. However, the mom of two soon learned that this couldn’t be the case because their union was already irreparable.

In related news, Prince Charles and Princess Diana also made headlines this week after royal author Tina Brown revealed that the latter desperately wanted to have more children with Prince Charles despite their troubled marriage.

Brown said in the book “The Diana Chronicles” that despite everything that has happened between the royal couple, Princess Diana remained tenaciously in love with Prince Charles.

The royal author also said that even though Prince Charles made negative comments about Prince Harry after his birth, it was evident that he loved both of his sons just like how Princess Diana loved them.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana wed in 1981 after one year of dating. Eleven years after their wedding, the couple announced their separation. Prior to the announcement, Prince Charles and Princess Diana put on a show of unity and tried to make the public believe that they were on good terms.

Princess Diana made a genuine effort to make her marriage work, but it failed. Four years after their separation, the couple’s divorce was finalized. One of the reasons for their split was Camilla Parker Bowles, who wed Prince Charles in a civil ceremony in 2005.