Britain's Prince Charles
Britain's Prince Charles (C) looks at wooden toys made by the local 'Men's Shed' collective in the town of Tanunda in the Barossa Valley area of Australia, Nov. 10, 2015. REUTERS/Ben MacMahon/Pool

Prince Charles met his adorable mini-me during an official visit to North Yorkshire on Wednesday. The royal was in town to meet Redcar steel workers to hear about the closure of their local steel plant. The 67-year-old British royal met a little boy called Benjamin Cooper, 6, who likes to dress like the prince.

The little boy was dressed in a navy suit, pale blue shirt and crisp matching tie for his big meeting. The kid completed his look with a pair of black shoes. Benjamin held his country’s flag and also shook hands with Charles.

Also called Ben, the kid is from the small seaside resort of Seaton Carew in Hartlepool. “I was nervous at first but then I spoke to him. It was really good. He laughed when I said I liked to dress like him,” he said. He added that he likes Charles because the former will become king and he always looked really smart.

Speaking about his idol Charles, Ben said that he likes to dress like the prince because when he studied about the royals in school, he was the smartest dressed. The little boy added that he also wants to dress smart always like Charles. The latter, meanwhile, looked flattered and could not hide his smile when he spoke to little Ben.

His parents Elaine and Ian, a journalist and a photographer respectively at a local newspaper, said their son is a huge fan of the royal family after learning about them at school. The 6-year-old now wears a suit whenever he can, even at friends’ parties, to emulate the British royal’s impeccable style.

Ben was given a suit for his sixth birthday earlier this month, and it is the same one he wore to meet Charles. His mother said that Ben always asks for suits as presents. His father said that the family was leaving for a holiday to Scarborough that day, but luckily were around Redcar.

He added that they had planned to just stand in the crowd to see the prince but it was only when his wife spoke to someone in the staff and mentioned that Ben idolizes Charles and dresses like him, that they were asked to stand in the line-up waiting to meet the future king.