Prince Charles
Prince Charles is said to have had an affair with Lady Dale Tyron. Pictured: Prince Charles makes a surprise visit to the Christmas tea dance at Dumfries House on December 20, 2018 in Cumnock, Scotland. Getty Images/Jane Barlow-WPA Pool

Prince Charles had a relationship with a woman named Lady Dale Tryon before he met Camilla Parker Bowles in the 1970s.

Adam Helliker, a journalist for Express, revealed that Prince Charles and Lady Dale used to write letters to each other. But after the latter’s demise, the handwritten notes mysteriously went missing.

Prince Charles first met Lady Dale at a dance where he spent two terms at school in Australia. They met again and became lovers when Lady Dale moved to London to work in the public relations industry. However, the voluptuous blonde wasn’t regarded as a suitable marriage partner for Prince Charles.

Even after Lady Dale wed merchant banker Anthony Tryon, her close friendship with Prince Charles continued. In fact, Lady Dale even told journalists at one point that the future king would call her out of the blue and ask her if she could go to his Wiltshire home for a comfort stop.

A friend close to the late Lady Dale revealed how she would often leave Prince Charles’ letters around so visitors would recognize the future King’s spidery handwriting. But shortly after her death in 1997, the letters suddenly went missing.

“One theory is that Anthony, who had always known about the affair, posted them back to Charles. But they could be anywhere; they certainly haven’t turned up in all the stuff the family has been sorting through after Lord Tyron’s death (sic),” the source said.

In related news, Prince Charles went on to wed Princess Diana in 1981, but their marriage became shortlived. While the heir to the throne was married to Princess Diana, he started rekindling his old flame, Camilla. The Princess of Wales found out about Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair and became upset.

During her interview with Panorama’s Martin Bashir, the mom of two said that there were three of them in her marriage. In 1996, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce was finalized. Shortly after, the Princess of Wales died following a fatal car crash in Paris.