Prince Edward is reportedly concerned that Meghan Markle would eclipse him and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived on Royal Ascot Day 1 in the same carriage as Prince Edward and Sophie. However, many were more excited to see Markle, it's the actress' Ascot debut.

According to journalists Richard Kay and Geoffrey Levy of Daily Mail, there is a theory among courtiers suggesting that "the Earl of Wessex fears he and his wife Sophie are in danger of being eclipsed from the excitement of the royal show. He wants to raise their profile."

The publication noted that prior to Markle joining the Firm, Sophie has been the Queen's favorite family companion for years. In fact, she was seen riding out with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor and carriage driving with Prince Philip whom she calls "Papa."

"She makes him laugh, which with Philip is half the battle," a source said.

In addition, on Sunday afternoon, Prince Edward and Sophie, along with their children Louise, 14, and James, 10, have five o'clock tea with Her Majesty at Windsor Castle, usually in the Oak Room. During those precious moments, the Queen, herself, pours the tea. But Prince Edward and Sophie have never enjoyed the same public affection and enthusiasm as the other royal family members.

According to the writers, the Wessex seems not bothered. Sophie has never been troubled slipping down the official rankings and Prince Edward is the monarch's youngest child and Prince Philip's favorite son.

Queen Elizabeth II has given Markle a number of honors that even Kate Middleton never had. For instance, she invited Prince Harry's wife to accompany her to Cheshire in her personal train. During the said outing they were photographed laughing together.

In addition, the Queen seems to love the Duchess of Sussex's company as she invited her again for a party she personally hosted. Prince Harry and Markle will join Queen Elizabeth II at the Queens Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. A number of royals have been invited to the event that has been launched in 2014. However, the Duchess of Cambridge has never been to it.