Kate Middleton shared how her kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte broke a royal Christmas tradition.

On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out to join Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and more for the royals’ annual Christmas Day service. On the said outing, Middleton revealed how her kids broke the family’s tradition.

Outside the church, Middleton confessed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were “up very early” on Christmas morning to unwrap their gifts presumably from Santa Claus. The royals were expected to open their presents a day earlier because of their German heritage.

“The royals are of German descent so they weave in German traditions to their celebrations,” former royal chef Darren McGrady said. “After afternoon tea, they open gifts on Christmas Eve, as is the German tradition.”

The royal family also revealed this on their official website. They announced that they exchange gifts at teatime on Christmas Eve.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have personalized Christmas stockings. Their sacks are printed with a crown and the words “Express Mail Service” alongside their names. The print also includes a delivery date that reads “25th December.”

Prince William and Middleton’s children didn’t join the family in their annual Christmas Day church service. According to reports, they have to wait until they are a little bit older to do so. Prince Harry was already 5 years old when he made his first Christmas Day service with Prince Charles, Princess Diana and other royal relatives. On the other hand, Prince William attended the same event for the first time when he was 7 years old.

Prince William, Middleton, Markle and Prince Harry reunited during the royal outing amid their rumored rift. The two duchesses were seen smiling and chatting. According to Judi James, Middleton exerted more effort in her friendly reunion with Markle. However, the body language expert noted that it was just for the cameras.

On the other hand, James also noticed that Prince William and Prince Harry lacked the “buoyant-looking rituals.” For her, the two royal princes looked “ill at ease.”

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte and Prince George
Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince William arrive to attend the service at St Mark's Church on Dec. 25, 2016 in Bucklebury, Berkshire. Getty Images/Andrew Matthews