Prince Harry was accused of using his mom Princess Diana just to protect his wife Meghan Markle.

Royal fans are aware how the media harassed Princess Diana when she was still alive. In fact, Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly blamed the paparazzi for their mother’s death because the late Princess of Wales’ car was chased before the fatal accident.

Prince Harry stepped up after the intense backlash his wife received from the press. In a bid to protect Markle, Prince Harry compared how his mom and wife have been treated by the press.

“I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces,” Prince Harry said.

However, some royal fans were not pleased because they felt that Prince Harry was just using his own mother, with some saying he was playing the “Diana card.”

“Playing the much-loved Diana card. Not good! We will never forget watching him as a 12 year old walking behind his Mothers coffin...heartbreaking. Don’t use it for this though,” one fan commented.

“Harry and Meghan are using the Diana card is disgusting. History is repeating itself for Harry because of his own actions. Harry has to move on and be a man to stand up for his own choices, actions and life. Don’t blame it all on the media,” another user added.

A different netizen suggested that the couple should not use the press in highlighting their charity and they should not be surprised with the negative headlines about them because it was all their fault. Meanwhile, another netizen advised them to be private citizens.

“if you don’t like it Harry....give up your HRH & go private citizen....but stop using Diana’s name to fight your own problems created when you married a divorced American actress,” the netizen wrote.

Just recently, Prince Harry was also criticized for a statement he said in his speech in Malawi. The duke, an advocate for conservation, urged the people to end greed and selfishness. However, not everyone had the heart to listen to him because for them he is not the best person to say it.

Some pointed out that Prince Harry is living in a castle and was born with a silver spoon. Another said that his own bloodline is filled with greed and selfishness.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan visited a Cape Town rights group fighting gender violence. POOL / Courtney AFRICA