Prince Harry is facing intense backlash after demanding to end greed and selfishness.

The Duke of Sussex delivered a speech on Monday in a national park in Malawi to increase global efforts for the environment and sustainability. In his speech, Meghan Markle’s husband pointed out the negative attitude that men have to overcome.

“Conservation used to be a specialist area, driven by science. But now it is fundamental to our survival and we must overcome greed, apathy and selfishness if we are to make real progress,” he said.

However, the netizens were not impressed with what the royal prince said. Instead, they were irked by Prince Harry’s guts to speak about the matter, with one saying that he is not the “best messenger.”

“Oh dear I like Prince Harry. But surely he’s the last to talk of greed and selfishness,” a netizen commented.

“Says the man who lives in a castle,“ one wrote.

“Says a kid born with a silver spoon! Out of touch dreamer, he is,” another added.

“From guy who’s bloodline is filled with greed and selfishness lol,” user named Nate commented.

Meanwhile, some netizens asked when the royals would be putting their castles, artwork and jewelry up for sale. A different user inquired if Prince Harry would be ending the royalty.

“So he will be relinquishing his own wealth, property, extensive household etc- that’s right, yeah?” one asked.

Many were convinced that Prince Harry was being a hypocrite again. According to James Daffron, at present Prince Harry is “spitting into the wind in ignorance & hypocrisy.” He suggested that the royal prince would be credible to say something about the matter when the crown downsizes.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are still in their South Africa tour. Many believe that they are using this to repair their tarnished reputation.

Even before their tour ends, many were already convinced that their trip is successful. Royal correspondent Charlotte Wace of The Mail on Sunday wrote that there are already signs that the royal couple has turned things around after enduring a year of negative headlines. Unfortunately, with Prince Harry’s latest statement, he might not recover yet from the public’s wrath.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry is pictured attending a Commonwealth Day Youth Event on March 11, 2019 in London, England. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images