Prince Harry has reportedly done a "full 360" and turned things around ever since his mom died.

During a recent segment, Sunrise host David Koch joked about Prince Harry’s past. When he was much younger, Prince Harry was dubbed as a troubled Prince. He partied too much, and he was also involved in a slew of controversies.

“Harry was a bit of a lad in his younger days. But, he is growing up to be a good bloke?” he said.

Scott Henderson, the editor for Men’s Health came to Prince Harry’s defense by saying that the Duke of Sussex has turned things around.

“Credit where credit is due, he is saying that fatherhood has changed him. He wants to be an inspiration for Archie… But, with all the work he has done recently with Invictus Games, he is kind of already there, to be honest,” Henderson said.

Samantha Brett, a reporter for 7 News, also likened Prince Harry to his late mom, Princess Diana. She said that the Duke of Sussex has a unique way of connecting with people with or without his status as a royal.

According to Brett, Meghan Markle’s husband also speaks to the people, and whenever he does, it is his character that is shining through.

Mark Beretta added that Prince Harry is taking the lead and stepping up. He also said that at one point, Archie would want to go to Las Vegas with his dad. And this could somehow show the great evolution of man.

The Duke of Sussex used to frequent Las Vegas in his younger days. A photo of him showing off his naked bum circulated online and in the newspapers. Following the incident, the royal said that he’s aware that he let his family down.

But now that he’s a dad, Prince Harry said that he just wants to be a good role model to his son. He also said that he’s aware his son will watch everything he does, will mimic his every move, and will even follow in his footsteps that’s why he always needs to do what’s right.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry is pictured attending a Commonwealth Day Youth Event on March 11, 2019 in London, England. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images