• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made major mistakes when they announced their nonprofit organization
  • Royal expert criticized the timing of the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new organization
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle explained how they came up with their organization's name

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a major blunder when they announced their new foundation.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were banned from using the Sussex Royal brand. Just recently, Prince Harry and Markle announced their nonprofit organization Archewell. However, they made several mistakes.

Some netizens searched for the foundation online and they were directed to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” video on YouTube. Some were wondering if the site was hacked or the royal couple missed to register the domain name.

“Uh oh. As of 7 April, if you enter in in your browser, it actually links to Kanye West's - Gold Digger video on YouTube. #HarryandMeghan #MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry #Archewell,” @TheRoyalCrownUK wrote.

“So. Meghan and Harry leave the uk to raise their son in privacy. They move to LA. No we aren't going to launch a foundation. 2 wks later they announce The Archewell Foundation. If u type YouTube plays Golddigger by Kanye West. Hilarious. 10/10,” @sweetlilac added.

Meanwhile, royal biographer Phil Dampier also felt that the timing was off. The Sussexes announced their new organization while Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved into intensive care due to the coronavirus. Dampier said Prince Harry and Markle’s move has an “appalling timing.”

“If I were Harry and Meghan I would have laid low until this situation (coronavirus) was over,” Dampier told Daily Mail. “People everywhere are really concerned with dealing with this and it does not look good, however good the cause is.”

Several agreed that Prince Harry and Markle’s timing wasn’t perfect. Human rights lawyer David Haigh criticized it by calling the Sussexes’ foundation a “vanity project.” Another online user said that it was not a “sensible timing” and it only made the Sussexes appear more detached from reality and others’ struggles.

“Bad timing. The world is a bit too busy for their vanity project... didn’t they get the memo?” the user wrote.

In their announcement, Prince Harry and Markle said that they chose the name Archewell because “Arche” is a Greek word that means “source of action” and the organization was meant “to do something of meaning, to do something that matters.”