Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed uncomfortable during their recent outing with Prince William and Kate Middleton. The royal couples attended the Festival of Remembrance earlier this month.

On the online forum site Quora, Deanna Eppers said that if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were really uncomfortable around the Cambridges at that time, it’s their own doing. The Sussexes may have felt ashamed for criticizing the royal family when they have done nothing but support them.

“If Meghan and Harry decided to air their present unhappiness [dirty laundry] in public, and it included taking swipes at the family and not just the media, one could expect them to feel uncomfortable when meeting the very people they just dismissed as being unsupportive, stiff, old-fashioned, since they did claim to have modernized the Monarchy, on different paths [figuratively or literally], and killing the climate by having children,” she said.

Chris Hawkes, a supporter of constitutional monarchy, said that Prince Harry and Markle weren’t the ones who seemed uncomfortable at the Remembrance Festival. Rather, it was Middleton.

The royal fan uploaded some photos of the Duchess of Cambridge with her hands placed on her abdomen and said that this signals that the mom of three is trying to protect herself from perceived anxiety or angst.

“[William]'s hand over his stomach is a self-soothing gesture,” she says. “It's a go-to for him, and a protective gesture that helps comfort him in stressful situations.' As for [Catherine], 'her hands are in an awkward position, which signals that there's a little bit of unease for her. They’re both showing some discomfort,” he said.

Cathy Buchanan encouraged everyone to not believe what body language experts say because this isn’t a thing.

“I also don’t believe that body language can be judged fairly from still photographs. We all look awkward frozen in mid-motion, and the angle of the photograph makes a huge difference too. Body Language is not a science, and it shouldn’t be treated like one,” she said.