Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently in Canada but recent reports that the couple plans to move to the United States prompted E! News host Justin Sylvester to urge them otherwise.

"Look, I'm done beating around the bush about this, ok?" Sylvester began. "First of all, the traffic here is going to be a mess. Don't come here, we love you. We love an interracial couple here but please don't come here."

He continued, "When they said they were moving to Canada, I truly in my mind went back to me being 14 thinking about how people tell their parents, 'hey, I'm bisexual,' when the whole time you are gay."

"You knew you were moving to LA. You just wanted to say Canada because it's part of the Commonwealth," the host claimed. "[Meghan] didn't want people to think that she was as crafty as saying, 'I'm going to take this man from here and go straight to LA and try to run this business and get that money.'

"I am all about her living her best life and doing her thing. I just can't handle the traffic right now," he added.

Rumors surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and where they will reside have swirled ever since they revealed that they would be stepping down as senior members of the royal family. In the Jan. 8 announcement, they remained vague on where exactly they would settle down and simply said, "We now plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America."

For the time being, Harry and Meghan have been in Canada with their son, almost 9-month-old Archie Harrison, however, shortly after the shocking announcement, an insider claimed that the United States is the couple's end game.

"... There is a long-term plan to end up back in the US with a second home in Canada, where they will also spent [sic] a great deal of time," the source shared.

"The couple used the words North America in their statement about where they planned to live deliberately," the insider added. "It doesn’t pin them down to any one place."

Britain's Prince Harry and wife Meghan have been under the microscope for their jet-set lifestyle
Britain's Prince Harry and wife Meghan have been under the microscope for their jet-set lifestyle POOL / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS