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  • Prince Harry wore a three-piece suit from Dior at King Charles' coronation
  • Royals don't endorse brands, but the Sussexes are not officially part of the royal family
  • The Sussexes likely work with Dior and lifestyle brands to make money and endorse

Prince Harry and Meghan Marke work with Dior to boost their finances, according to an expert.

The Duke of Sussex looked dapper at his father, King Charles' coronation wearing a three-piece suit from Dior. The outfit consisted of a morning coat and a black vest. He paired it with a crisp white shirt and a pearl gray tie.

Dior shared Prince Harry's outfit on its official account on Twitter.

"Tailoring fit for royalty," the caption read. "Dior is honored to have dressed Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, for the coronation of King Charles III in a custom design by Kim Jones. Seen arriving at Westminster Abbey, gain an insight into the savoir-faire of his three-piece suit next."

Brand and culture Nick Ede noted that the Sussexes are no longer working royals, and their arrangement with the French fashion brand was likely for business.

"Fashion brands know that celebrity is a brilliant way to sell and create strong credentials. A brand like Dior who have a long history and heritage have jumped at the chance to work with Harry and Meghan," Ede told MailOnline about Prince Harry and Markle's tie-up with Dior.

"The royal family traditionally are unable to endorse brands, but now that the pair are not officially part of the family they are able to have an arrangement with one of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Dior are promoting that they created the suit for Harry, and this will help build his brand equity, and I think we will see him and Meghan working closely with fashion houses and lifestyle brands to make money and also endorse."

The expert believed the Sussexes' arrangement with the fashion house was a "financial one." They either signed an exclusive contract or agreed to receive a payment if they wore the brand.

Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Miranda Holder told MailOnline that most guests during the coronation opted for a British brand to support the uniquely patriotic occasion. She believed Prince Harry probably "did not get the fashion memo" or "was in a petulant mood."

Hold also previously weighed in on the Sussexes' arrangement with Dior. She believed their decision to wear pieces from the company was "more than just an appreciation for the couturier" but likely a "brand partnership."

"It would not be the first time a member of the Royal family has worked with a fashion brand in this way, and I'm sure the Sussexes would be grateful for the additional income, as would Dior for the extra exposure," Holder said.

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