Prince Harry reportedly owns an eco-friendly car to enhance his green credentials.

The Duke of Sussex crashed his wife Meghan Markle’s royal engagement when he dropped her to the venue and joined the event. According to reports, Prince Harry drove his wife to her engagement in an eco-friendly vehicle.

“In today’s Daily Express we have stories on Harry and Meghan, their new £71,000 ($91,000) eco-friendly car, and Meghan’s decision to decline to confirm details of her outfits. We also report on the public’s positive reaction to ITV’s documentary on Prince Charles and the Duchy of Cornwall,” Richard Palmer wrote on Twitter.

“They do get a very good deal from Audi, it’s true. To be precise, we were told it’s Harry’s car. The point is this £71,000 car will enhance his green credentials after all of the hypocrisy headlines over the summer,” Palmer added in another tweet.

Netizens have different reactions about the matter. According to one online user, the couple had the car since June long before they were plagued with negative headlines. Another said that Prince Harry buying an electric car only shows that he is a hypocrite and doesn’t care about it because he is only sixth in line to the throne. Meanwhile, another felt that Prince Harry buying and using an eco-friendly car is just a PR stunt.

A different royal fan felt that Prince Harry made another wrong move. According to Tony Molly, despite the couple promoting the environment, they actually never go green.

“They never went green, so what are they talking about ‘green credentials’. Their hypocricy is at the highest level. It seems that marrying that witch made him worst. #megxit ”, Molly wrote.

A few months back, Prince Harry was slammed for taking a private helicopter just two days after he told kids to take action on climate change. Markle’s husband took the chopper from London to Birmingham to carry out two engagements. The chopper trip costs $7,854 and takes 45 minutes. On the other hand, a $45 train lasts for 83 minutes.

All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency
All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency AFP / Michele Spatari