Celebrities -- they're just like us. Even Prince Harry.

In a video posted to Instagram by England Rugby earlier this week, the 35-year-old British royal shared that, like many people around the globe, he misses sports. In his case, its rugby in particular.

"We all miss rugby," he admitted.

In the aforementioned footage, Prince Harry, who is currently taking residence in California, sported a healthy tanned glow as he virtually contributed to the two-minute video.

The clip cuts to various different public figures who each say a small piece before it cuts back to Harry who adds that despite the current lockdown circumstances (caused by the coronavirus pandemic), "it hasn't taken away our spirit."

In the caption of the post, England Rugby thanked their sports community for staying supportive, writing, "When the game was paused, the rugby family came together as one. Thank you from all of us at England Rugby."


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The clip comes about three months after Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, officially separated from the British royal family. The pair, who share 1-year-old son Archie Harrison, have since relocated to the U.S., which some thought would be counterproductive to what they are trying to accomplish-- living a more private life.

In April, actress Lindsay Lohan commented on the Duke and Duchess' rumored decision to move to Malibu, California, noting that if they were trying to escape paparazzi, that may not have been the best city to choose.

"I mean unless they own another, a different private beach, right?" she quipped during a radio appearance on Sirius XM's "Radio Andy" after being asked her opinion on the topic. "You can't go to those beaches without being—you can't even surf out far enough."

"It's just really hard to do anything publicly there," Lohan added.

Other public figures have also commented on Meghan and Harry's move from the U.K. and shared their predictions on how things would shape up for the couple. In April, royal expert Angela Mollard told Express that Harry would likely be suffering from "irrelevancy" as a result of his relocation.

"I very much think that Harry will be suffering from irrelevancy," Mollard said at the time. "Right now, the world is not focused on them. He can’t do the work that he wants to do. He is separated from his family at a time when the rest of the world is using Zoom or WhatsApp to chat with each other... To have that stripped away I think will be very discombobulating for him."

Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry is pictured. AFP/Adrian DENNIS