Prince Harry is reportedly at risk of being overshadowed by Prince William if he is unable to find the right direction and role in his life. A similar thing also happened to Prince Andrew several years ago.

The Duke of Sussex and the Duke of York are in similar positions since they are the younger brothers of future Kings Prince William and Prince Charles, respectively. Growing up, Prince Andrew was always compared to Prince Charles and there are reports that he was jealous of the heir to the throne.

In the Radio 5 Live series “Images of Diana,” royal commentator Camilla Tominey said that the last thing that she and the royal fans want is to see Prince Harry in the exact same position that Prince Andrew was in.

“Being totally overshadowed by his older brother in terms of his charitable commitment and seen as somebody who has all the trappings of royal life with perhaps not taking enough responsibility for what his role is,” she said.

Before Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s children had kids of their own, Prince Andrew was next in line to Prince Charles in the succession to the throne. But the Duke of York has moved further down the line with the arrival of Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Meanwhile, Tominey also said that royal fans shouldn’t worry too much about Meghan Markle’s husband being overshadowed by the Duke of Cambridge. This is because the new dad has actually found his niche in the royal family.

“He is universally popular, Harry, not just here but abroad. He does give the royals that element of fun and touch ability that they need,” she said.

Tominey also said that both Prince William and Prince Harry are also aware of the fact that they shouldn’t overshadow their father. Before Prince William could even become King, Prince Charles would first have to take over the British monarchy.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince Andrew
Pictured: Prince Harry, Markle, Prince Andrew during the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in London, Monday, March 11, 2019. Getty Images/Kristy Wigglesworth-WPA Pool