Meghan Markle’s emotional statement about not being asked if she’s doing OK backfired on Prince Harry. Royal fans claimed that no one else but the Duke of Sussex should deal with his wife’s “depression.”

On the online forum site Quora, royal fan Melissa Marshall said that Markle has a husband, a mother, and she also has friends who should’ve asked her if she’s doing fine amid all the controversies and negative press that she has been receiving. As such, the Duchess of Sussex shouldn’t have said what she said during her recent interview.

“Seriously? Meghan is 38 years old. She is more than capable of asking someone she trusts to sit down with her for a cup of tea and talk about whatever is bothering her. The idea that not many people have asked Meghan if she’s okay is ludicrous. Did Meghan not see how many celebrities spoke on her behalf during the Private Jet Fiasco? On social media? On talk shows? Or what about the 5 friends who spoke on Meghan’s behalf to People Magazine?” she said.

Marshall went on to say that she wants to know what the “Suits” alum’s definition of “not many people have asked” if she’s doing fine is. Because it seems that a lot of people have done their part and they don’t need to directly ask her the question that she would’ve wanted them to ask her.

Anchita Rai, a former public health worker, said that it is unlikely that a random person would ask Markle or any person that they don’t personally know if she’s doing fine. The royal fan said that if Markle is struggling, she should have considered asking help herself instead of waiting for people to ask her how she’s doing.

Bozidar Zabavnik said a similar thing. He said that if someone is not doing OK, he or she should make an appointment with a doctor.

“Don’t tell me, she is not registered. Not our fault. Difference between being British and American, we have the NHS which is why people do not enquire after your health. We assume if you are not ok you have already made the appointment because we cannot self-medicate since most pharmaceuticals like antibiotics are by prescription only,” he said.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is pictured at the launch of the Smart Set clothing collection on Sept. 12, 2019 in London. Philip Panting