Prince Philip was recently revealed to be the person that convinced Prince Charles to wed Princess Diana.

In the Netflix documentary “The Royal House of Windsor,” it was stated that Prince Charles tied the knot with the late mom of two due to pressure. Following the murder of Lord Mountbatten in 1979, Prince Charles felt obliged to fulfill his uncle’s wish of him marrying a woman who is fit to become Queen one day.

Christopher Wilson, a journalist, and royal biographer said (via Express), “Charles was a desperate man, there was huge downward pressure on him from Prince Philip, from the Queen, and the whole court to sort out his life, to stop running around, and try and find someone.”

After meeting Princess Diana at a party in the Petworth House, their friendship blossomed. Months later, the Duke of Edinburgh sent his son a letter instructing him to marry Princess Diana.

Sarah Gristwood, a royal historian, said, “Prince Philip effectively urged his son to get on with it – to either propose to Diana or back off.”

Prince Charles, who was still mourning the death of his uncle, needed the advice to help him make up his mind. And Princess Diana also provided Prince Charles with the comfort that he needed at that time.

“They talked about Lord Mountbatten and Diana told Charles how sorry she was, how sad he seemed. How he seemed to have no one to turn to. And she must then, Diana the nursery nurse, have seemed like a figure of comfort and support,” Gristwood said.

Penny Junor, a royal biographer, seconded Gristwood’s statement and said that Princess Diana had huge empathy. Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom also knew what to say to people eat the right time. As such, Prince Charles was drawn to him in the beginning.

“She just really touched him in a way that I don’t think anyone else perhaps could have done,” Junor said.

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Prince Philip was the one that encouraged Prince Charles to marry Princess Diana years ago. Pictured: Royal Family Princess Diana holds Prince Williams, 04 August 1982, after his Christening at the Buckingham Palace. Getty Images/PA/AFP