Prince Charles and Prince Philip
Pictured: Prince Philip and Prince Charles listen to speeches before a statue of the Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother was unveiled on Oct. 27, 2016 in Poundbury, England. Getty Images/Justin Tallis

Prince Philip's hilarious reaction to Prince Charles right after his birth has been revealed.

French historian Fabrice D'Almeida shared the Duke of Edinburgh's first impression after seeing his firstborn with Queen Elizabeth II. The 97-year-old reportedly compared the Prince of Wales to a "plum pudding."

"It was 70 years ago, the 14 November 1948, in Buckingham Palace. The day was rainy, windy and with some thunders, Princess Elizabeth, after 30 hours of labour, delivers via cesarean," the historian said to a French radio show (via Express). "Prince Philip, looking at his son Charles, commented saying, 'He looks like a plum pudding.'"

Prince Philip was not present during the birth of Prince Charles. Royal tradition dictated that his private secretary Mike Parker take him to play a round of squash to burn off the restlessness of waiting.

Prince Charles reportedly grew up to be closer to his grandmother Queen Mother than to his own parents. Her Majesty was too occupied with her duties that she had no time for her son growing up.

"The Queen, to be fair to her, was being Queen," royal biographer Penny Junor said. "For most of Charles' childhood and the rest of his life, she was on a pedestal and he did not have a warm and cosy relationship with his mother."

To make matters worse, Prince Charles and Prince Philip didn't have a great relationship either. "I think what Prince Philip wanted in a son was a man in his own image. A man's man, a rough tough outdoorsy real alpha male," Junor said. "And what he got in Charles was a really sensitive child."

One time, Prince Philip and Queen Mother argued over where Prince Charles would attend school. The Duke of Edinburgh wanted to send the Prince of Wales to Gordonstoun, his old school in Scotland, to toughen up the future king. However, it didn't sit well with the Queen Mother, who wanted Prince Charles to go to Eton.

When Queen Mother died, Prince Charles was devastated. In fact, he admitted that he dreaded that moment and confessed that he would surely miss his grandmother.

"And I had dreaded, dreaded this moment. Above all, she saw the funny side in everything and we laughed until we cried. And oh, how I shall miss those laughs," Prince Charles said.