Prince William recently opened up about being cut out of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

While at the 2018 BAFTA Awards, Prince William was unaware that his microphone was still turned on when he talked about the film. He and his brother, Prince Harry, disguised themselves as Storm Troopers in the film, but their scene did not make the cut during the final edit.

During his conversation with the people behind “Baby Driver,” Prince William said, “I’ve got a key moment to pick with the editors, actually, because they cut me out of the ‘Star Wars’ film. I’m sure it wasn’t their fault.”

According to The Telegraph, the siblings were cut out of the film because they were just too tall to be Storm Troopers. The rest of the Storm Troopers are 5’11”, while Prince William and Prince Harry are 6’2”, and 6’1”, respectively.

The siblings filmed their scene with John Boyega and Benicio Del Toro in 2016. After news of their participation was leaked, Boyega said that he personally apologized to Princes William and Harry.

While speaking with ITV This Morning, Boyega said, “I did personally apologize to them yesterday and said, ‘I’m sorry you were cut out of the film.’ And Will was like, ‘I probably just need to work more on the skills.’ I was like, ‘Maybe, bruv.’”

In December of last year, Prince William and Prince Harry attended the European premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” at the Royal Albert Hall. It was then that they learned that they were cut out from the film.

Meanwhile, even though Prince William will not be seen in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” his wife, Kate Middleton, is excited to watch “Coco” with him and their two children. While at the 2018 BAFTA Awards, Middleton told Lee Unkrich that she’s desperate to watch the movie.

“They [Prince George and Princess Charlotte] are just getting into films now, George is four and a half. ‘Paddington’ is definitely up there and now ‘Coco,’” she said.