Prince William looked emotional while Prince Harry appeared bored during their recent reunion.

The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex appeared together on Remembrance Sunday. They stood beside each other as they laid a wreath during the ceremony.

A photo of Prince William and Prince Harry was shared on social media. A netizen said that the future king looked emotional while his younger brother appeared as if his mind was elsewhere.

“Here’s the difference between the two brothers - William looks emotional and affected by the occasion and Harry looks bored and like his mind is elsewhere!” the netizen wrote on Twitter.

One online user commented that maybe Prince Harry was contemplating about his life. Another said that he was thinking what his wife Meghan Markle was doing.

“He’s probably wondering what MM is up to, and if she’s behaving,” one royal follower wrote.

“I think he is concerned about what he will interact with W after all of the dramas he created,” another opined.

Another online user claimed that Prince Harry was thinking how to dump his wife and get his family back. Since Prince Harry married Markle, many felt that he had become distant to the royal family in particular, to his older brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Meanwhile, many also questioned why Prince Harry was not wearing a poppy. In reality, the duke was actually wearing one and most just missed it.

Prince Harry placed the poppy on his hat. It was pinned in the red  outline of his hat, so it camouflaged. Although the poppy is not visible in the first look, if one looks closely at the royals’ hat, one can see it.

In related news, Prince Harry’s wife was criticized when they attended the Remembrance concert. While Markle looked great in her black Erdem jacquard midi dress, many found it inappropriate because the duchess’ cleavage was very visible.

“I don’t know if she really does not get it! She is a smart woman to be fair but still she continues to disregard & disrespect tradition & an event like this which is extremely important to ALL people, not just the Royals. Meghan thinks it’s cool. No! It’s not smart. Stupid Rebel,” one wrote on Twitter.