Archie’s hair color has fueled the rumors that Prince Harry is James Hewitt’s son.

For years, there have been rumors claiming that the Duke of Sussex’s biological father is not Prince Charles but Princess Diana’s lover, Hewitt. Both camps already denied the rumors.

Many are convinced that Prince Harry looks like Prince Charles and Prince Philip. Hewitt also said that Prince Harry was already a tot when he met him. However, the paternity rumors involving Prince Harry and Hewitt still persist and the hair color of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie has only intensified the speculations because the royal baby is also a ginger.

“Archie appears to be brewing a nice head of ginger hair just like his father Harry. The Ginger gene is a strong unforgiving gene and just goes to show considering Meghan’s dark colouring couldn’t overpower the ginger gene,” expert Spencer Stevenson, founder of hair loss advisers Spex Hair, told Daily Star.

He added that Archie needs time to grow his hair and mature to see the extent of his ginger looks. Most ginger babies need time to go through growth cycle, but in a matter of four to six months his ginger genes will already come into play.

“Harry is ginger, as we all know, and due to the speculation surrounding who the father is, it's understandable why it seems suspicious to some people that Hewitt, who is also a ginger and who dated Princess Diana, could possible be Harry’s father. The ginger gene is a factor to consider as there are no other gingers in the royal family,” he explained.

Stevenson revealed earlier that despite Hewitt and Prince Harry’s similar hair color, it’s obvious that Prince Charles is the duke’s real father. The expert presented a genetic proof to prove his point.

According to him, Prince Harry and Hewitt have different pattern of baldness. Markle’s husband shared the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge’s male pattern baldness (MPB) gene. Prince Harry’s hair loss causes a sudden widespread thinning and not a receding hairline like that of Hewitt’s. The expert insisted that the royals’ MPB gene is conclusive evidence that Prince Harry’s real father is Prince Charles.

All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency
All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency AFP / Michele Spatari