Prince William gently prepares Prince George to be future king.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest son is third-in-line to the throne. The six-year-old royal is attending school at Thomas’s Battersea in London with his sister Princess Charlotte. Despite his age, a source claimed that Prince William is already gently preparing him for his future role.

A source said that Prince William talks to Prince George how it is to be a royal. He does this in a very “simple manner” to avoid overwhelming his son, Us Weekly reported.

Prince William also makes sure to make the process fun by drawing pictures and using metaphors. He makes sure that when he does so, Prince George would have fun. Prince William also explains things to Prince George in a very gentle manner as if he is reading from a children’s storybook.

In a previous interview, Prince William confessed that he had not talked about Prince George’s future as king to his little one because he felt that it was not the right time yet.

“There’ll be a time and place to bring George up and understand how he fits in, in the world. But right now it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and showing as much love as I can as a father,” Prince William told the BBC.

Prince William added that they are a “normal family.” He was hoping that his children would see how much he loves them.

“I love my children in the same way any father does, and I hope George loves me the same way any son does to his father,” Prince William said.

Last Saturday, Prince George and Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte to watch Aston Villa’s game. Prince George was photographed clapping and jumping as he cheered on his favorite team.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte inherited their father’s love for Aston Villa because they are also fans of the same team. The duchess even shared that the royal siblings love putting on Villa kits.

When asked if Middleton is a fan of Aston Villa, the duchess laughed and said, “I have to be loyal to my husband!” Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II are reportedly Arsenal fans.

Prince William and Prince George
Pictured: Prince William and Prince George at a children's party for Military families during the Royal Tour of Canada on Sept. 29, 2016 in Victoria, Canada. Getty Images/Chris Jackson