• Meghan Markle, reportedly, caused Prince Harry and Prince William's feuds
  • Queen Elizabeth, allegedly, tried to fix her two grandson's strained relationship during the Commonwealth Day in March
  • A royal reporter claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry have been talking to each other lately

Prince William and Prince Harry are, reportedly, not on good terms for quite some time now. Rumors have it that the sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a falling out when William advised Harry not to rush into things, specifically marrying Meghan Markle, whom the younger prince had dated for two years. The Duke of Sussex, allegedly, went “ballistic” when his elder brother tried to discuss the relationship with him.

Though there have been reports saying that the two princes are in better places now, In Touch Weekly, in its May 11, 2020 issue, claimed that Prince William and Harry’s cold wars have entered a new phase. The entertainment news outlet reported that Queen Elizabeth tried to fix things between her two grandsons during the Commonwealth Day in March. Her Majesty, allegedly, wanted Prince William and Prince Harry to make amends but her plan, per the report, did not work out.

“The queen thought it would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to talk things through like adults and put the past behind them. Sadly, that’s not how things played out. William and Harry avoided each other and said very little to each other when they were in the same room, which wasn’t often,” an anonymous tipster told the magazine.

The same insider suggested that things exacerbated after Kate Middleton, allegedly, ignored Meghan Markle when the latter tried to greet mom-of-three. The Duchess of Cambridge’s behavior, reportedly, did not sit well with Prince Harry that it made him angrier to Prince William and his wife.

The magazine reported that Princess Diana would be “brokenhearted” to know about her son’s dispute if she was still alive. It even stated that close pals of the two princes have raised concerns that they may no longer see each other should things their feud continues, especially with the current lockdowns and quarantines caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The outlet added that, aside from Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, who has been working very hard to preserve the reputation of the monarchy, is also bothered with the whole situation.

“They’ve tried intervening but haven’t gotten anywhere. So, it’s reached the point where they speak to Harry and William separately. It’s sad. The close bond the boys once had is gradually turning into distant memory,” the informant furthered.

However, Katie Nicholl revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Prince William and Prince Harry have been communicating regularly lately. She added that the husbands of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were forced to contact each other after Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19. The royal reported also shared she believes that the tension between the two duchesses’ is pretty much over now.

Prince William and Prince Harry have yet to comment on Woman’s Day Australia’s recent claims. However, it is important to note that the magazine’s reputation for creating stories based on the claims of its undependable and anonymous informants. So, devoted supporters of the royal family should take these unverified reports with a grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.