Prince Charles privately condemned Tony Blair for his role in the 2003 military invasion of Iraq, but his son, Prince William, does not seem to share his opinion and decided to invite Blair to Kensington Palace anyway.

Sebastian Shakespeare, a journalist for Daily Mail, said that Prince William sought Blair’s counsel on the Middle East. Earlier this week, Prince William held a private talk at the palace to discuss his visit to Israel earlier this year.

“It’s not clear why the future king felt the need to meet Blair, who was forced out of 10 Downing Street in 2007 and has since been lining his pockets by providing advice to despots around the world including Kazakhstan's Nursultan Nazarbayev,” he wrote.

Robert Jobson, a royal author, also detailed how Prince Charles considered the Iraq war to be a bewildering mess. In his book “Charles at 70,” he wrote, “Charles was diametrically opposed to the Blair-Bush Iraq War strategy. With a heavy dollop of irony, he scornfully dubbed the premiere ‘our magnificent leader’ whenever talking about him in private and derided him for ignoring the wealth of sound intelligence available to him at the time that contradicted the American view.”

Blair resigned as a special representative of the Quartet of powers in 2015.

In related news, Prince Charles also made headlines this week after it was reported that he fumed at Prince Harry when he found out that the Duke of Sussex was smoking marijuana when he was much younger.

Jennie Bond, a former royal correspondent for BBC, said in Netflix’s documentary “The Royals” that Prince Charles was shocked when he found out that his son was doing drugs.

“He spoke to William and I think he asked William what should be done, and – maybe it was William’s suggestion I don’t know – but one way or another Harry ended up at a rehabilitation center,” she said (via Express).

Prince Charles took his two sons to the Featherstone Lodge Center, where they listened to the stories of people about their drug use. Bill Puddicombe, the former head of the center, said that he was sitting in his office when he received a call from the Prince of Wales’ staff. During the Royals’ visit, there was no press involved and everything was kept low-key.