Prince William matures like wine, according to a netizen.

The Duke of Cambridge inherited his mother Princess Diana’s good looks. One royal fan shared snaps of Prince William growing up since he was teen and many agreed that the royal looked very good, with the user even comparing him to an old wine because it becomes better with age.

“Prince William matures like wine!” the caption on Twitter read.

“He is SO handsome .... omg .... and his heart shines through in everything he does,” another user opined.

A different social media user wrote that Prince William was the image of his mother, Princess Diana. Another netizen agreed saying that he looked exactly like the late Princess of Wales in the photos.

In the online forum Quora, royal fans discuss who between Prince Harry and Prince William looks better. Many said that Prince William was gorgeous back then. However, some felt that Prince Harry has looked better as they aged.

“Prince William, circa St. Andrew’s era, was too handsome. But time has not been kind to him nor are his fashion and grooming decisions all that complimentary to his look,” Kristiv L Stark wrote.

Another user named Aggie Courtney said that Prince William was better looking when he was younger, blonder and had thicker hair. Courtney added that as Prince Harry got older he had an edge ahead of his older brother in terms of handsomeness.

In related news, Prince William and Kate Middleton appeared to be sweeter lately. Body language expert Judi James confirmed that the royal couple is showing a “steady increase” of public display of affection. The most recent one was spotted when Prince William affectionately stroke his wife’s back.

According to James, it was possible that Prince William and Middleton are taking cues from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Aside from this, it’s also possible that the future king became more tactile to his wife to let her know that he appreciates her support amid his rumored rift with Prince Harry.

Princess Diana with William and Harry
Princess Diana, Princess of Wales with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry attend the Heads of State VE Remembrance Service in Hyde Park on May 7, 1995 in London. Anwar Hussein/Getty Images