Netizens react to a claim that Prince William was in a “nightclub bouncer mode” during Archie’s christening.

One royal fan took to Quora and to confirm if the Duke of Cambridge looked like he was in a “nightclub bouncer mode” during his nephew’s baptism. The question garnered several responses from other royal fans, with some agreeing with the observation.

“Ha ha that’s a funny perspective. But I do see what you mean! Yes he looks uncomfortable like he doesn’t really want to be there. I think William is a fantastic roll[sic] model and like his grandmother, he always does the right thing and that’s why he will make a fabulous future King,” Louise Brown commented.

For Chris Hawkes, Prince William looked fine. The future king can be seen standing for a formal photograph. He looked pleased as he posed with the other members of the royal family. Body language expert Judi James even described his look as somewhat like a “Victorian patriarch.”

For Linda Merell, the photo was a lovely portrait of a family who participated in the christening of the latest family member. She explained that the duke probably looked that way because taking a group family portrait is never easy.

“Have you ever participated in a group family portrait? If not, you have no clue as to the difficulty. And then you have dozens of shots in the proof sheets that must be pored over to choose one where everyone looks reasonably good. Someone’s eyes are closed in one. Someone else is yawning in another. The baby starts crying in another,” she explained.

In related news, Prince William is considered more intelligent than his younger brother Prince Harry. The future king received AAC at A level and has 2:1 degree in geography.

Meanwhile, some also consider Kate Middleton’s husband more handsome than Meghan Markle’s spouse when they were younger. However, according to them, Prince William’s appearance has changed over time. For them, Prince Harry looks better now that they are adults.