Kate Middleton was just like Meghan Markle when she was pregnant.

Many questioned Markle’s pregnancy, with some claiming that she wore prosthetics because she was always placing her two hands on her belly. Netizens found the Duchess of Sussex’s action strange and for them she looked anxious as if she feared that her fake bump would slip.

A different user also said that she didn’t notice pregnant women placing both hands on their tummy “as if it was going to fall off.” David Byrne, a royal family follower, pointed out that Middleton was just like Markle when she was expecting. The Duchess of Cambridge was also photographed placing both of her hands on her baby bump when she was still expecting Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

“As for touching the belly or not seeing other woman hold it with two hands, I can think of one who did it exactly like Meghan,” Byrne commented before sharing various of photos of Middleton doing the same thing as Markle. He added that Middleton’s “go to” position was holding her hands under her belly to stay in contact with it. 

“Another one where she held one hand under her belly - must’ve been trying to make sure the belly didn’t fall out. Now I wonder who that was,” he continued.

Just recently, there were rumors that Prince Harry and Markle were expecting their second child. However, some netizens claimed that Markle never got pregnant.

One user took to Twitter and claimed that Markle didn’t have a baby because her pregnancy was “all an act.” The online user suggested that she was only wearing a padding. A different royal fan claimed that Markle only gained baby weight after Archie was given birth by another woman.

Markle’s pregnancy was also questioned when a throwback video of her squatting in heels and standing up with ease resurfaced. According to netizens, when the duchess stood, her bump popped out and made a noise. Then, her belly got bigger.