• Prince William is reportedly worried about Prince Harry's popularity
  • Prince William was anxious at the BAFTAs
  • Prince William didn't seem confident at the BAFTAs 

Prince William attended the BAFTAs last weekend with his wife, Kate Middleton.

Even though the dad of three looked calm and collected during the awards show, a body language expert said that Prince William was actually worried at that time.

While speaking with Express, Judi James said that the Duke of Cambridge seemed tentative during his first appearance after Prince Harry’s bombshell exit. Since he knows that his younger brother is also very popular, the future king was concerned that royal fans would be divided and would turn against him.

“Their cheering and screaming reception did seem to bolster a relieved-looking William on his first outing but it’s fair to say that his body language signals with Kate since Harry and Meghan’s departure do suggest she’s not just stepping up to support her husband but even having a more active and at times dominant role than she did before as a result of all the dramas,” James explained.

However, even though Prince William received loud and excited cheering from royal fans, James said that it was evident that he still looked anxious at the awards show.

“Some of William’s more tentative-looking signals were on show at the BAFTA awards. His beaming smile was in place on arrival and his eye expression suggested excitement, but his barrier and self-comfort rituals hinted at some inner anxieties and even a return of the more ‘shy Wills’ that he had seemed to have outgrown,” she said.

James added that there were several instances wherein Prince William performed thumb-picking gestures that revealed he was lacking self-confidence.

Meanwhile, the body language expert also analyzed Prince William and Middleton’s body language while listening to the jokes made about the royal family.

She said that the Duchess of Cambridge looked at Prince William to see how his reaction was when Margot Robbie joked about Prince Harry’s bombshell exit, and she mirrored her husband’s expression.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William are photographed. AFP/Tolga AKMEN