• Brad Pitt makes fun of Prince Harry's exit
  • Rebel Wilson jokes about Prince Andrew and Prince Harry
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton's reaction to the jokes were analyzed 

Brad Pitt just bagged the Best Actor at the BAFTAs on Sunday. However, he was unable to accept his trophy because he was absent from the awards show.

His co-star, Margot Robbie, was the one who accepted Pitt’s award on his behalf, and she also gave an acceptance speech that, according to her, was from Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband.

Pitt seemingly made fun of Prince Harry’s recent decision to quit the royal family.

“Hey Britain, heard you just became single, welcome to the club,” Robbie initially said.

“He says he is going to name this [award] Harry because he is really excited about bringing it back to the States with him. His words, not mine,” the actress added.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who sat at the front row seats of the venue, couldn’t help but laugh at the jibe. However, body language expert Judi James said that a lot more things could be interpreted from the royal couple’s body language.

While speaking with Express, James said that Middleton seemed to take the lead from Prince William by face-checking him to see if her slight laughter was appropriate. When the Duchess of Cambridge saw Prince William’s mixed emotions and reactions, her smile quickly died down.

“William tilted his head and parted his lips to pull them out horizontally in a version of a social smile that implies awkwardness rather than pleasure. His teeth appeared to be clenched to signal tension and as he performed four rapid blinks his face performed a very subtle and speedy wince, as though the subject caused him some pain,” James said.

Meanwhile, Pitt wasn’t the only celebrity to make fun of the recent exit of three members of the royal family. Rebel Wilson also mentioned Prince Andrew and Prince Harry in her speech.

According to James, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s reaction to Wilson’s swipe was good-natured, but it was also evident that their facial expression was disapproving.

“At this point the pair shared mirrored body language, sitting rather primly upright with their elbows on the arms of their chairs and both keeping their lips pursed shut to form a good-natured but also rather disapproving facial expression,” the expert said.