Prince William
Prince William may be growing his hair back for good. Pictured: Prince William speaks to patient Paul Tester (not seen) during his visit to The Royal Marsden Hospital on Jan. 10, 2018 in London, England. Daniel Leal-Olivas - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Whoever said Prince William’s hair does not grow quickly is definitely wrong. Just days after showing off his newly-shaved head, Prince William attended a public engagement on Tuesday and appeared to have grown some of his hair back.

The Daily Mail shared a photo of the 35-year-old online, and it showed that Prince William’s hair is already growing on the sides of his head. Award-winning celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier told FEMAIL that it is possible Prince William decided to grow his hair back after some people made fun of his baldness.

“It does look like he’s leaving it to grow out slightly – it’s much thicker around the sides, and the hair is growing back at the top of his scalp, where his most prominent hair loss is,” he said.

Prince William made headlines last week after he was spotted with his newly-shaved head during an official visit. Some fans were pleased with the prince’s haircut, but others admitted that they did not like it.

There were also some speculations suggesting that Prince William decided to shave his head because of the “baldness jokes” that he has received from his family. Kate Middleton’s hairdresser, Richard Ward, was the one who encouraged Prince William to get a buzz cut. Ward’s deputy was the one who shaved his head.

Collier explained that a buzz cut typically takes some time getting used to. “The buzz cut is a dramatic look and can take a little while to get used to, so it’s not surprising that HRH might be leaving the look to soften a little, especially with all of the attention it has gathered,” he said.

On his social media account, Collier explained that those who get a buzz cut need to trim it once a week to make sure that it will not look “out of control.” “A buzz cut is often seen as a low-maintenance, quick-fix kind of haircut, but in reality it takes a lot of work to keep it looking sharp and fresh,” he said.