The Princess Bride
Use this poll to weigh in on whether or not "The Princess Bride" should be remade by Hollywood. Wikipedia

Rumors have arisen in recent days that Hollywood is considering remaking the classic 1987 film The Princess Bride.

Twitter was on fire with buzz about the news over the weekend, with hundreds of people Tweeting that they were appalled at the suggestion that there may be a The Princess Bride remake starring Paul Rudd and Patton Oswald.

But it turned out the rumors were entirely false, rooted in a blogger's misinterpretation of an article in Paste magazine about a live reading in Los Angeles of the movie's script featuring Rudd and Oswald.

Many Twitter users seemed to be delighted by the news that the rumors had been debunked, like @BrianTruitt, who sent the following Tweet out Monday: Whew. Sounds like a false alarm on that Princess Bride remake (for now).

But others, like @MJau, were dismayed to hear that Patton Oswalt had personally debunked the rumors on his own Twitter account Monday afternoon: Noooo :( @pattonoswalt Calm down, Twitter. PRINCESS BRIDE is DEFINITELY being re-made, but I am NOT involved. It's an all-black version. (the reference to DEFINITELY being re-made was totally tongue-in-cheek, by the way.)

Where do you stand? Should Hollywood remake The Princess Bride? Weigh in via the poll below, and see how everyone else answered:

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