Princess Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne, but she’s still a pretty normal kid. Her dad revealed that she loves the same animal lots of other little girls adore: the unicorn.

Her father, Prince William, confirmed Charlotte’s love for the mythical creatures. The Duke of Cambridge was visiting Harcombe House, Devon, for Emergency Services Day on Monday. During an art therapy session, he spotted a unicorn craft made by a firefighter’s children and noted that his 4-year-old would appreciate it.

“My daughter loves unicorns,” he said (via Hello! Magazine). “Loves them. Very cool.”

Charlotte has been spotted sporting her unicorn love a couple of times recently. On her first day of school last week, she had a pink sequin unicorn keychain attached to her backpack. The miniature fashionista also brought a furry, sequined unicorn wristlet to a charity polo match in June.

Of course, the unicorn has a family connection. The royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, also called the Royal Arms, features a lion and unicorn. Charlotte likely sees the seal often. After all, it’s on the gates of Buckingham Palace as well as many other places and documents throughout the U.K. The British Government uses the coat of arms as a national symbol for the U.K.

The unicorn is in the Royal Arms because it represents Scotland. The mythical creature is the northern country’s official animal.

Though unicorns and sequins are on the girly side, it sounds like Charlotte also has a tomboy side. The young princess is called Lottie by friends and family, but it was also revealed that she earned another nickname: The Warrior Princess.

“Apparently, she earned that nickname because, obviously, she is a princess, but she’s quite a tomboy,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. “She loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer. She was quite known for her feisty personality, so we’ll wait to see whether that nickname sticks.”

Royal fans will also see if her unicorn obsession sticks. The 4-year-old will likely go through some phases throughout her childhood, but for now, The Warrior Princess loves unicorns.