Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte's toys are hand-me-downs from Prince George. Pictured: Prince George, Prince William and Princess Charlotte at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in central London, on April 23, 2018, to visit Kate Middleton and Prince Louis. Getty Images/Daniel Leal-Olivas

Princess Charlotte is used to getting hand-me-downs from her big brother, Prince George.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's 3-year-old princess has been seen wearing her older brother's hand-me-down clothing. Aside from this, most of her toys were originally from Prince George too.

"A lot of Charlotte's toys are hand-me-downs from George. Although she's definitely a girly girl, she also loves to play outside, just like George," an insider told Us Weekly. "She's got one of his old scooters and also motorized Jeep she loves to drive around the patio in."

Last week, Kensington Palace released the first official photos of Prince Louis. It included a snap of Princess Charlotte kissing her younger brother which is reminiscent of a snap of Prince George doing the same to his younger sister in 2015.

Aside from the familiar sight, many noticed that the duchess dressed the royal babies with hand-me-downs. Prince Louis was wearing the same jumper that Princess Charlotte wore three years ago. Meanwhile, his sister was wearing the blue cardigan that Prince George sported in 2016 for Vanity Fair's photo to mark Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday.

Middleton is known for recycling dresses, so it was not surprising to see her brood in hand-me-downs. "Children's clothes are often handed down from one sibling to the next and traditional clothes, in particular, can also be handed down from generation to generation," designer Rachel Riley said. "In fact, we have seen Prince George wearing the same outfit that Prince William wore, and of course, both children have been christened in the same christening gown."

In related news, Princess Charlotte was reportedly very pleased with Prince Louis. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's only daughter is also enjoying her big sister duties and doesn't want to leave her little brother's side.

"Charlotte is really enjoying having a younger brother to play with," an insider said. "She's taking her big sister duties very seriously. She won’t leave baby Louis' side."

The insider added that Princess Charlotte is as protective as Prince George. "Charlotte is just like him. They have a great bond, and a similar connection is growing between Charlotte and Louis," the source continued.

According to a psychologist, Princess Charlotte, the middle child, has the most difficult position in the family. This is because they adapt to the responsibility traits when their younger sibling arrives. They neither have the ultimate control of the eldest child nor the freedom of the youngest which can create confusion.

"It's like always getting a silver medal and no matter what you do you can't quite get what you older sibling has or indeed your younger one," Martin Lucas, a human behavior expert, said. "It can create a loss of identity and more challenges around understanding yourself as an individual."