Prince Charles was rumored to have been uncomfortable with Princess Diana’s height that’s why the late royal always wore heels.

On the online forum site Quora, one royal fan said that the future King was usually asked to step on a platform to make it seem as though he’s taller than the Princess of Wales. However, this doesn’t mean that Prince Charles was uncomfortable with Princess Diana’s height.

“Throughout their marriage, Diana only wore 2-inch heels or flats so she would not tower over her husband. The idea was to maintain the image of the taller, dominant male… There is no indication that Charles was uncomfortable with her height. He never mentioned it… So, it could be that the portraits must have been set up by the palace to deliberately make Charles look taller… You have to remember this was the 80s when masculinity was still supposed to signify dominance,” the royal fan wrote.

The royal fan also uploaded several photos of Prince Charles with Princess Diana. And true enough, in all of the snaps, Prince Charles is standing on a platform to make him look much taller than the late royal.

But in the photos where Prince Charles wasn’t standing on a platform or an elevated ground, it is evident that he and Princess Diana were almost the same height. And during such outing, Princess Diana is wearing flat shoes.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana also made headlines this week after it was revealed that she helped changed education for the royal family. When she was still alive, the Princess of Wales decided to send Prince William to a public school. This made the Duke of Cambridge the first-ever member of the royal family to not have been educated at a boarding school or at home.

Prince William studied at Mrs. Mynors’ nursery in Notting Hill, and he transferred to Wetherby Prep School two years later. Prince William also attended Ludgrove independent boarding school in Wokingham.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana 1 Princess Diana And Prince Charles watch an official event during their first royal Australian tour 1983 in Newcastle, Australia. Photo: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images